We Have A New Website!

We Decided to revamp our website. We feel we designed designed our site in a crisp and clear way which helps customers navigate our website more efficiently ultimately taking them less time to find what they’re looking for.

We have included a Checkatrade Widget on our home page which lets customers leave their feedback directly with a third party website. It’s a brave move though we’re confident we will continue to receive high reviews for our work.

Creating this website over the last few months we have learned lots about internet marketing and how best to get seen by customers online. One of the major factors in when creating a new website is how will the most popular search engine Google see your page and more importantly what will it think of it. In Striving to be London best metalworker for both Domestic and small to mid-sized developers we have had to refine our online marketing accordingly.

The new site will streamline our SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. This is the thing which helps us get listed higher up the rankings on the Google Results page. We are trying targeting terms such as Metal Fabricators London and Steel Fabricators London. This will help us appear higher up the organic search results when people search for things they are looking for Like Iron Gates, Driveway Gates London etc. The organic results start at position five on the search engine results page

Our new site will work more neatly with Google Adwords and will enable us to keep track of which terms customers clicked before they called us or requested a call back request. Did you know that the top four results you see at the top of the google results page are paid adverts. Each time you search in Google an auction takes between companies who would like to be found for that particular search search term or similar. When you search for something like Metal Staircases there be competing companies bidding on that term. Google has some clever strategies for deciding who comes where in the search rankings. The top spot does not necessarily go to the person who paid the most to be found for that particular term., google ranks on quality score which make sure that you the customer only get ad which are really relevant to your search query.

An interesting fact is that previous to 2005 Large Corporations such as those who sold Insurance bought all the top spots in google adwords, as their marketing model relies on getting their brand deep into your subconscious. Google then introduced quality score which meant that that website to which google referred you to was relevant to your search query.

We continually looking to improve your online experience with us. If you have any suggestion we would be really happy to receive your feedback.

We hope you enjoy online experience with Bronzewood Metalworks London