Queens Road Stairs

One large Metal Staircase

We were approached by a local developer who was developing a property on Queens Road Peckham, which was not to far from our HQ at Consort Road. Peckham is currently undergoing a lot of regeneration. Property prices have increased significantly over the last decade, we have found that creative types are selling their properties in Shoreditch at a huge profit and are resettling in Peckham along the London Overground Line.

The Developer wanted an external metal staircase which would enable access to properties it was developing above a shop. The previous metalworker which the developer had used on previous projects had abandoned the metal staircase after the relationship broke down. This gave us the opportunity to show off our professional workmanship and deliver a beast of an iron staircase.

After multiple site visits by our site surveyor and head fabricator  and submission of CAD drawings we began production of the staircase.

We think the finished wrought iron structure and galvanised stair treads look amazing. With think the structure speaks for itself. The view is not bad too. Check out our videos on Youtube. To Give someone sense of scale of the project we did a walked up the stairs filming as we went.