We are high quality Steel Fabricators, metal fabrication is what we do. From Architectural Metalworks, where we supply and install beam structures, to ornate Decorative Driveway and Automated Driveway Gates.

We have our Band Saw, Circular Saws Pillars Drills all the equipment you would expect a professional workshop to have. We mainly work in MIG Wedling though we are able to carry out small amounts of Stainless Steel and Aluminium Welding.

We Specialise in Metal Staircases. We are typically approached by Developers and Land Lords to Make Fire Escapes and Access Steel Staircases.

Principally a Mild Steel Metalworkers we are able to combine our work with other materials such as Wood, Glass and Stone to create some real aesthetically pleasing products, Such as wooden banister handrails, Glass Balustrades and with Stone to create Garden Sculptures.

Laser Cut Sheet Designs are becoming an ever increasing part of what we do. This has been driven by customer demand for the beautiful patterns achievable with the relatively new technology. We are able to assist you with pattern designs and have stock of patterns which you can chose from.

We offer a CAD design service included within the price of the products that we offer. We find it really useful for people to be able to see their Metal Staircases, Metal Balconies etc. in 3D. The images are to scale and have all the measurements included within them. We are able to submit these to your Architects and The ultimate clients. We find it useful for all parties to be able to sign off on a design before we go to production.

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