Free Appointment & Quotation

At Bronzewood we never charge for a site visit or quotation.

We strive to satisfy as many customers as we can. This is why we have a dedicated site surveyor. He is trained in CAD for project of scale we will submits these designs for you to sign off your metal works before we begin to fabricate.

Ascertaining your design wishes, parameters and constrains of any metal fabrication project is vital if the project is to conclude in the way all parties expect.

Our Site Surveyor is a very knowledgeable Steel Fabricator and ex site fitter and will be able to suggest solutions fixing details etc. He relays all his information to our office and provides them with photos of your site. The office team will then be able to work with you on the particulars of your metal works design, such as rail heads, components etc.

We Keep your quote on stored in our database, so its easily retrievable when you call to discuss, design expectations, modifications, works in progress or just to pay a deposit and set the job live.

Quick Quoting

Sometimes customers call because they are trying to ascertain a rough cost for a Metal Staircase or Driveway Gate for example. We are able to give guide prices for certain standard projects. All prices given in this quick quote format are subject to site survey. In order to carry these out you would need to provide us with some overall site dimensions

We look forward to helping you with your metal works needs. Please get in touch.


For any metal fabrication inquiries, questions or recommendations please use the form below or call us on