Terms and Conditions

a. Please note all metalworks and other materials used such as glass automation and components are the property of Bronzewood Construction Ltd. Until full balance is paid.

b. Please note if you book work with us and confirm the work site will be ready for us to work on or install our goods and we arrive and work is not possible. It will be at our discretion to charge a miss-appointment free of £350.00 + VAT per team that we send.

c. Please note if we carry out works according to your instruction, design details, or measurements and we subsequently find that your instructions are such that work cannot be installed or adaptions need to be made then extra charges will be incurred at our discretion. Part (1) additional days required. Additional site days required are charged at £650.00 per day for a two-man team. Part (2) Additional workshop days will be charged at £450.00 a day per Fabricator. Materials are not included and will be charged extra.

d. When work cannot be installed through no fault of our own and required storage a stage charge will be applied of £70.00 per week for floor place equivalent to a standard pallet or for 10 Meters of railings. Where specific quantities do match these descriptions, costs shall be calculated against these measures. We will accommodate our clients and remove this charge, however, the client must notify us as soon as possible in-case of unfortunate circumstances.

e. Any items which are not on the quotation or not discussed in pre-contract minutes will be deemed extras and priced for accordingly.

f. Please read carefully through Quote. Once the customer agrees to the written details we cannot change add or modify the order unless agreed by a written variation which intern may add additional costs.

g. Payment is payable 7 working days after completion of works. Different Payment terms must be agreed in writing or via email.

h. Payment to be accepted through bank transfer. We no longer accept payment by cheque.

i. Delivery dates indicated are not binding, unless otherwise agreed in writing. If works require a deposit and you accept quote via email, the delivery date will not begin until deposit is paid.

j. We shall endeavour to adhere to the agreed delivery date. We shall not be liable in respect of delays in delivery or performance due to force majeure or events that, on more than a passing basis, significantly hinder the supply or render it impossible – these include: strikes, lockouts and official orders, natural catastrophes or deliveries from suppliers that fail to appear, are incorrect or not on time etc., even where these occur in our suppliers or their sub-contractors – even where binding deadlines or dates have been agreed.

k. Please note that all metal works are subject to wear and tear especially if installed externally. Ultimately it will be the client’s responsibility to look after their product after installation. Our company will aim to give the best advice on maintenance.

l. LADs (Liquidated and Ascertained Damages). Please note we avoid projects which include LADs. If your project or contract includes LADs please inform a senior staff member of Bronzewood Construction Ltd.

m. Once works are complete the client should contact Bronzewood Construction Ltd. within 5 working days if there are any defects/snag list, otherwise, the job shall be considered complete and final balance should be paid within 7 working days from completion.