Metal Railings

We offer a wide range of high quality solid railings. All the railings we fabricate are custom made. High quality railings in a range of styles to suits your particular project needs. We can help you match existing railings or offer new idea suggestions. We have helped customers create railing which compliment victorian, edwardian or georgian styled properties.​

Adding metal railings to the front of your property is great way to improve the aesthetic of your home. Experience tell us it can also prevent people from sitting on your front wall and so discourage group gatherings outside your property​.

Railings are fabricated in panel sections which enables efficient installation.  

Weather Proofing – Galvanisation

Galvanisation of metal is where the product is dipped in molten zinc metal. Zinc is non-ferrous metal so will not rust unlike iron. The coating is long lasting, about 20 years +. It can be left unpainted or it can be painted.

We provide quotations including and excluding galvanisation for your bespoke metal railings.

Below are railings and gates we have supplied and installed.