Automated Iron Gates

Automated Iron Gates

We can automate, motorise, intercom and CCTV new and existing iron gates.

Do you know what you want?

When it comes to automating metal gates and providing intercom systems our experience has shown us the first thing to do is to really understand what our customers want to get from their automatic gates. There are some exciting features out there at many different level pricings. Altering your chosen options halfway through a project is costly, time consuming and requires more admin from either side, therefore the consultation process at the beginning is so important. Some customers have near fully developed ideas about what they want from their automated gates other just know they want them automated. Please help us help you by reading the following passages and browsing our photo gallery.

Automatic Driveway Gates

We like nothing better than automating our Driveway Gates. We able offer a range of automation and Intercom systems. We use Hydraulic Ram motors which make light work of moving the heaviest of Metal driveway gates.

  • Safe for children and pets
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Acts as a visual deterrent

Automated Swing Gates

Swing gates are double leaf gates. They can be automated in two ways.

Above Ground – RAMs can be fitted to the rear of the Gate which are easy to install and cost effective.

Underground – Frog motors can be installed underground. They are durable discreet and Offer the most Style.

Bi-Fold Gates

Bi-Fold Gates are like Swing gates in that the gate is split into two leaves. The leaves of a folding gate are made such that each leave also folds in on itself as the gate opens. This reduced the arc of the gate. This means that less space is needed behind the gate when it opens. This makes this style of design suited to smaller more compact driveways.

Automated Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a solid, continuous piece metal. The gate runs along a track which is set into the ground, below surface levels so cars do not travel over it. The gate will run along this track behind a wall. You will need to have clearance for the entire length of the gate plus a meter or so. The motors are above ground and contained within Weather Proof casing.

Site Preparation

Electrics & Surfacing

We are able to help with all aspects of the installation of your driveway gates.

Running the power cables to the gate.

Running the power cables to the gate.

If you already have your driveway surface laid, then the wiring will need to be run above ground. This will usually mean that cable will need to be run around the perimeter of your driveway. If you are able to install the gate first before surfacing then this will be advisable as this will enable you hide the wiring. Depending on the surface covering you have there we may be able to cut a trench of the wiring, though finishing of the road surface likely to be markedly different from the original covering.

Whether the cable is run above or below ground the wire will be armoured cable, which it coated in a thick plastic for protection.

​If you are going to use your own electrician to run power to the gates we are happy to talk to them about our requirements, and how they should leave the power for us at the main gate.

Access, Remotes, and Intercom Systems

Access systems are highly customisable. Here are a few considerations to help your think about your requirements.

One of the first things to consider is whether you will need a side access pedestrian gate. When you install a driveway gate most property owners require faster means of access through a pedestrian gate. This will reduce the wait time for the pedestrian to access the property and the smaller pedestrian gates close more quickly increasing security.

Will you require in car access for visitors?

If you envisage visitors to the property wishing to dial the intercom system without leaving their car then please specific this requirement. A  low post an intercom system can be fitted.

How do visitors leave the premises?

For Pedestrians will you want them to be able to push to exit button or would you want them to enter a code into a keypad before being able to exit. To maintain security a push to exit button will either have to be set back from the gate or shrouded in some way.

Will visitors by car have to have the gate opened for them from the main intercom or your remote or would you want them to be able to leave by of their own accord whilst still the in the car?

Please specify your requirements.

Types of Access Systems

  • Video Intercom
  • Standard Intercom
  • Remote Control
  • Fob Systems
  • GSM – Dial to Open
  • GSM – Allow Access via FaceTime
  • Key Pads

Access Options

Wall Mounted Fixed Intercom

Works much like an old style telephone in that you have to go to a fixed position within your home and grant access to those at your gate. Here you have video Which shows the person’s face, the person’s vehicle or both.


The exciting new technology in gate access systems right now it the ability to open your gates with the use of your mobile phone. This has the benefit of allowing you to open your gates before you reach them. This is a major benefit to those who live on busy roads and do not wish to hold up traffic whilst their gates open.​

“Grant Access to your property from anywhere in your property, or indeed the world”

The Technology can also be used to grant access to people wishing to enter the property. This has two benefits. First it means that you will not have to go to a wall mounted intercom system which is usually located near the street door. Secondly if you no one is at home to grant access the system can be set to call your phone and you can decide whether to grant access. Grant Access to your property from anywhere in your property, or indeed the world. The person standing at your gate will speak into the intercom and you will hear via your mobile phone. If you have a Video Intercom installed you will be able to see them via FaceTime.

The system can be configured so that the gate dial another number should the gate not be answered by the first number. The system can be configured with an answering schedule so that calls are not made to mobiles at night for instance.​

GSM systems can be run along side wall mounted intercom system which means that you will still have the option of allowing access via a fixed point in your home. Which is convenient should you mobile be on charge in another room or currently not available.​

Please note if you do decide to go with a GSM system they will require a SIM Card which will mean a small monthly charge which will go to the network provider.

Please call to discuss your gate and automation needs on an individual basis.